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The Massif has all round disc brakes with ventilated discs on the front axle and simple discs on the rear axle. The interior of the Massif had been overhauled from the Santana PS-10 version to make it more competitive with the recently updated Land Rover Defender. Группа автомобилей серии EurocargoГруппа автомобилей серии StralisГруппа автомобилей серии EuroTrakkerГруппа автомобилей серии DailyМусоровозы IVECOМиксера IVECO. Allow plenty of excess (looped and labled at each end). The wiring must meet Australian Standards. DC wiring must err on the heavy side to avoid voltage drops on the longer runs. This a tedious job if there is multi levels in the roof structure Stick ceiling insulation batts to roof using temporary contact glue to hold them up. A generous thickness is needed but must compress comfortably when the roof lining goes up.

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